If you are considering buying or selling this year, watching statistics and reading reports on the Boise housing market can be helpful.  But, since statistics and reports can't speak directly to your unique needs, circumstances, or concerns, we believe a far better approach is to meet with an agent you trust. We would love the opportunity to meet with you to help assess your individual situation, provide relevant information for your position, and assist in thinking through the best plan for moving forward based on your specific needs, goals and timelines.   Please contact us today if you'd be interested in talking more!  Or, if you'd rather just see statistics and read general updates for now, here is latest real estate Market Report from Boise Regional REALTORS®:

"In February, the median sales price of homes that sold in Ada County was $492,115 — down 10.5% compared to February 2022, and the fourth consecutive month of annual decline in price. However, this was a slight increase of approximately $5,000 from last month’s median sales price.

More than 40% of all home sales that closed in February were new homes, which typically sell for more than existing/resale homes. This higher-than-average share of new construction sales likely kept the overall sales price a touch higher than the month prior.

Prices are still adjusting to mortgage rates and buyer demand, but this month-over-month uptick in prices may indicate that we’re reaching a new normal with prices. Mortgage rates and supply versus demand will be the ultimate determining factors on where prices go, but we’ll keep watching to see if prices continue to level out"...CONTINUE READING