The Boise Weekly has been highlighting the people, happenings, and culture of Boise, Idaho, and the Mountain West for 27 years and counting.  It was created in 1992 by Andy Hedden-Nicely, a Boise advertising agency owner, his wife Debi, and Larry Ragan.   


The Boise Weekly was and still is the only alternative newspaper in the Boise area and has a weekly circulation of 35,000 at more than 1,000 locations.  It is locally focused and deliberately avoids general comprehensive news coverage—choosing, instead, to spotlight stylized reporting, unique opinion columns, investigations into edgy topics, and magazine-style feature stories.  In doing this, the publication hopes to represent an authentic voice of the community.  


In spring of 2000, the paper was sold to the City of Roses Newspaper Company in Portland.  A year and half later, it was sold to its current publisher, Sally Freeman. 


Boise Weekly also has an on-line readership in the hundreds of thousands.  You can check it out HERE