Have you ever heard of a CLUE report? It's a insurance record that is kept on every property for claims that have been filed in the past, and it helps insurance companies know what their rates should be on a specific house. You're probably wondering, "Why does this matter to me?" 

As a savvy buyer, you might be able to get a hold of the CLUE report for a house that you're interested in buying to see any claims that have been filed. The trick is that the SELLER has to request the report, so you might be able to ask that the seller shares the report with you. Whether or not they will should tell you something... 

As a seller, you might want to pull the CLUE report for your home as a "nice-to-have" to provide to potential buyers. In Idaho, we have the sellers property disclosure form that is required to be filled out by all sellers, but providing the CLUE report along with that disclosure form might give some buyers that extra reassurance that the disclosure was filled out honestly. 

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