When buying a home in Boise, who doesn't need some good negotiating strategies?

This video gives some great tips on how to negotiate with the seller on the price of a home when buying a home in Southeast Boise or any area.  One of the most important negotiating tips presented here is being "in the know" on the Boise housing market by researching comparable home sales in the area.  The most accurate Boise housing market information can best be obtained by a local Boise real estate agent.  This is just one of the reasons why having a good real estate agent can result in you, as the buyer, getting the best price on a home.   If you are considering buying a home in Boise, please contact TripleCord Real Estate today.  We would love to walk you through these and other buyer tips as well as provide detailed information on how we can make buying a home in Boise a great experience for you.  Also, because we specialize in Boise real estate, and more specifically Southeast Boise real estate, our local real estate market knowledge can really give you a leg up in negotiating with the seller on buying a home in Boise.