First Dip Into Real Estate

For my story this month, I thought I would share with you how I first dipped my toes in the real estate industry.  For this story, you will need to imagine me back as a college student (or actually a recent grad).  I've added the picture above to help you get there.  I've always had a huge interest in real estate.  It probably started when I was little and would spend weekends with my mom visiting as many open houses as possible.  So when I was getting ready to graduate from college with a degree I knew I would never use, I began to explore how I might get involved in real estate.  I was living in Seattle and wasn't quite sure where to start.  Luckily a dear family friend quickly came to my rescue.  She knew someone in Seattle who owned a real estate company.  Perfect!  She helped make the connection and I was quickly hired to start immediately at this local company.  I was sure it was my quick wit, professionalism, and dashing good looks that helped me get hired so quickly.  I learned soon thereafter that they would have hired just about anyone :). 

Eager to learn all there was to learn about real estate, I woke up early, ate a good breakfast, dressed myself in my classiest,  and drove myself downtown Seattle on a dreary June morning.  First painful lesson - downtown Seattle parking would quickly eat up all my money.  Second painful lesson - I wasn't about to learn anything about the real estate industry.  I was walked to my desk by a very tall, intimidating man dressed in a very expensive suit.  He told me to sit at this tiny desk, pointed to my phone, and told me to start making calls.  I looked around the room at about 8 other employees who were already busy punching numbers on their phones.  My real estate job turned out to be a cold calling sales job.  I was to make cold calls to real estate agents in the Seattle area to try to sell them memberships to the company's directory.  Not exactly what I had in mind.  I was miserable - EVERY DAY. 

I called home crying to my parents.  I hated it.  I wasn't cut out to make cold calls.  So about two weeks in I decided that I could not do this one more day.  I got home from work and emailed my boss (that very tall, intimidating man dressed in a very expensive suit) and told him that I would not be in to work the following day or really any day after that.  I knew that emailing was not very professional, but I was sure if I told him person he would eat me.  He responded by saying that I couldn't quit over email.  In order to get my two week's pay, I would need to come in and have an exit interview with him.  Nope.  Wasn't going to happen.  I told him I didn't need that pay and that I would not be able to come back in.  So on I went with my life.  Thankfully, I was able to secure another job at my beloved Alma Mater and decided that I just wasn't cut out for real estate.  It would be another 10 years before I started my actual real estate career :).  Oh, the best part was that when tax season came around, I received my two week's pay in the mail!  All's well that ends well!

Written by Becka Marston

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