We all have had crossroad moments when we’re faced with decisions that hold significant implications for our lives and the lives of those we love. Should I take this job or wait for something different? Where should I send my kids to school? Is now the time to buy a house? Should we start a family? These are the pivotal moments we’re convinced could make or break us. We scour the Word for clear direction, because we genuinely want to obey! But our situation seems to fall within a doctrinal grey area. Godly counsel can encourage, but cannot rightly sway us one direction over another. So, it is easiest sometimes to stand still. Sometimes there seems like no other safe option.

The lack of forward motion doesn’t seem sinful at face value. At the heart of it is our intent to not be reckless and to heavily weigh the outcomes of big decisions before making them. It can be justified as an effort to stay within the path of God’s will; to wait on His direction and prompting. While prayer and waiting is important, sometimes we forfeit the grace He intends to show us experientially by succumbing to our own fear and indecisiveness.

Standing in that place is not as neutral as we might think. We’re wanting pushed and prodded, instead of relying on grace and exercising trust. We want a booming voice in the clouds, assuring us of each major step, but faith doesn’t look this way. In these areas not spoken to directly in His Word, He asks us to remember His faithfulness to us and to move forward in light of that. More often than not, there is no right or wrong decision. His grace will be abundant in the choice and the circumstances our decisions lead to.

Often, the worst choice is to make no choice; to remain stagnant -- particularly when it is fear that prevents us from moving. That is not the life God calls us to. There are definitely times when seeking and waiting are appropriate, and some of these times last longer than others. Prayerful consideration is wise and biblical. But, ultimately, we have to trust Him enough to move when the time comes. His grace reaches its full potential when we step into a situation where it can be lavishly applied. Paul David Tripp calls this grace in motion.

Ultimately, it is the kind and unconditional grace of God that we rest in, whether we have waited in indecision too long, chosen well, or chosen poorly. But, what a blessed experience to move forward in faith, step after step throughout a lifetime, seeing the ways God graciously works through (and sometimes despite) our imperfections. We must allow Him to move mightily in our lives, wherever we are and wherever we might soon be…relying less on the specific circumstances, and more on His unchanging power and faithfulness to us, His beloved children.

By Anne Gould, wife of Mark Gould

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