Listing photos important when selling a home in Boise!Selling a home in Boise?  Quality listing photos paint a 1000 words and can make $1000s of dollars difference on your selling price!

When selling a home in Boise, know that a buyer's first impression could mean the difference between a quick, profitable sale and a drawn-out, disappointing extravaganza. With 90% of today's buyers beginning their home search on the internet, the online visual representation of your property is key. Quality photos hook buyers; they encourage second looks, showings, and ultimately offers.

If you are selling a home in Boise, remember that quality listing photos can shred months off your selling time and can add thousands to the final selling price.

Here are some listing photo tips to help make selling a home in Boise both faster and more profitable!

  1. Post photos - Listing photos are important when selling a home in Boise because without them, an online shopper may never have the chance to see all your property has to offer.  In fact, many times, if a listing comes up with no pictures, a buyer will skip over it.  Nevermind that it could be the perfect house for them, with nothing visual to grab their attention and entice a deeper look, they move on without consideration.
  2. Post a lot of them - The IMLS allows agents who are selling a home in Boise to post 25 pictures of the property.  Other sites allow less, but most online listing avenues allow links to virtual tours where the number of photos can be much great.  If the house isn't very big, it can be difficult to get a lot of photo variation, but agents can focus extra photo space on important selling features such as flooring, appliances, landscaping, upgraded countertops and fixtures, local parks and amenities etc.
  3. Post them immediately, when the property is first listed - Sometimes agents selling a home in Boise put the property on the MLS with a note: "Pictures coming soon".  As someone who understands the significance of photos to online shoppers and the importance of that first day on market, this practice makes me cringe.   Many buyers get new listing notification the minute a property hits the MLS.  If they open the listing and find no pictures, they will likely move on. You'll miss your best chance to hook them, as there is no guarantee they will check back once listing photos are available.  When selling a home in Boise, the first day in the MLS is the day your home will be viewed by the most online buyers.  Make sure you have quality listing photos available for those first lookers!
  4. Make your home look its best for the pictures - First impressions are super important in the decision making process of online buyers.  If you want your pictures to really help with selling a home in Boise, make sure the property looks its best for the photo shoot.  Check out these tips to prepare for selling a home in Boise and to enhance your home's curb appeal.
  5. Have a quality photographer - Your home may look great, but with the wrong person behind the camera, its online appearance will suffer.  I have seen several listings where agents post pictures taken with cell phone cameras or similarly inadequate devices.  They are often dark, turned sideways, out of focus, or just plain unattractive.  If you are selling a home in Boise, make  sure your agent uses an experienced photographer to take your listing photos.  Use a quality camera and a person who knows how to capture the light, space, and best features of your home!
Considering selling a home in Boise?  Give us a call or send us an email.  Let us show you how we can make your home shine online so as to sell your property in less time and for more money! Also, click HERE for more information on why to choose TripleCord Real Estate when selling a home in Boise.  We are happy to provide samples of our listings and marketing materials so you can judge the quality for yourself.

Click HERE to see results from an NAR study showing photos can increase your sales price when selling a home in Boise!