Living in Boise is a good place to be!A long list of national recognitions confirm that living in Boise is a good place to be!

When creating a community page for Boise Idaho last week, I was struck by  how many benefits there are to living in Boise.  As part of my page, I wanted to support what I already know, which is that living in Boise is GREAT, with unbiased articles and awards that portrayed the same.  I spent some time looking for national recognition received and wanted to share results.  Below is a list of some of the rankings that confirm that living in Boise is a good place to be!

  • No. 4 Top 10 Downtowns for 2012 -, 2012
  • No. 2 Best State to Retire -, 2012
  • No. 2 Best City for Raising a Family - Forbes, 2012
  • Top 20 Fastest Recovering Cities in the US - Brookings Research, 2012
  • No. 1  Lowest-Cost for Business in the Pacific US - KPMG, 2012
  • No. 1 Most Friendly State for Small Businesses - CNN Money, 2012
  • No. 3 Best Place to Retire - CNN Money, 2011
  • No. 4 Best City to Live, Work, and Play - Kiplinger, 2008
  • Top Spot for Women to Start a New Career - More Magazine, 2007
  • No. 1 Best City for Mid-Level Professionals -, 2007
  • No. 10 of 375 Best Places to Live - Cities Ranked & Rated, 2007
  • No. 3 Best Place for Business and Careers - Forbes Magazine, 2007
  • No. 6 for Environmental Quality - Earth Day Network, 2007
  • Tree City USA and Growth Award - National Arbor Day Foundation, 2007
  • Most Secure Place to Live in the US Among Large Metropolitan Areas - Farmer's Insurance Group, 2006
  • No. 1 Best Place to Live and Play - National Geographic, 2006
  • No. 8 Best Place to Live - Money Magazine, 2006
  • No. 4 Best Walking City in the US - Prevention Magazine, 2006

My personal experience and the experience of my clients confirms that living in Boise is great as well!

After personally living in Boise for the past 12 years, I was not surprised by the types of awards given to this great city.  These things are evident to me as I'm living in Boise day to day.   I definitely enjoy the view of the Boise foothills, walking along the Boise River, the changing of seasons, relatively clean air, abounding recreational opportunities, good schools for my children, and the overall sense of being in a genuinely safe and friendly community.  It is also no surprise to me that my out of state clients often feel the same about living in Boise even after visiting for only a few days.  In fact, many of them have come  to check out Boise after reading one of the recognitions above and have quickly found themselves falling in love with the idea of living in Boise!

If you are already living in Boise and want to know more about what the city has to offer, email us.  We'd love to help you expound on the joys to be found here! Or if you are already convinced that living in Boise is great and are trying to encourage family or friends to join you, let us know that as well.  We can send local information to them or you to help broaden their picture of all they can gain from living in Boise.    And, if you don't already live here but are considering a possible move, contact us.  We have some helpful resources to share more about the  joys of living in Boise and would love the opportunity to show you around the city when you visit!

Leave a comment or send an email to let us know why you think living in Boise is a great place to be!