Some of you may know, but likely many of you may not, that Luke and I were led back in January to seek to bring another child into our home through adoption.  If you know much about me, I never pictured myself as being a mom with lots of children.  Four was a stretch, and now the possibility of 5 or 6 sounds somewhat crazy.  But amidst the fear, there is this incredible sense of peace knowing that this openness and desire to adopt is not of myself but of my good God, who has always been faithful to carry us through whatever waters He leads us out on.

Last week, we received our first adoption scenario to consider—19 month old twins whose young mother was feeling overwhelmed and unable to care for them.  Our hearts broke for this mom’s situation and the feelings of deep loss both she and the twins would have if she decided she needed to place them for adoption.  This scenario was not what we were expecting, but we were ready and willing to move forward if needed, and so spent the next several days praying alongside friends and family.   We prayed the Lord would provide the resources and support this mother needed in order to keep and care for these twins and also prayed that, if she could not, He would provide us with the wisdom and strength to know how to love this mom well and care for her children in her stead.  

As you might imagine, this time of waiting, praying, and processing took a great deal of my emotional and mental energy, making it difficult to work and hopefully explaining why I was so late getting to this month's blog post =-)   A few days ago, we received word of answered prayers—the twins’ mom was feeling she could continue to care for them.  We hope she and these little ones have felt the many prayers that have been lifted up on their behalf these past several days, and we are encouraged that such prayers will continue to be prayed for them by so many who are now aware of their situation. 

As for us, we are happy to have an answer to our prayers for this young woman and her twins and are peaceful and content to wait and pray for the next adoption scenario the Lord gives us the opportunity to enter into.   It is a joy and privilege to walk the road our good God has laid before us, and we can’t wait to see how His perfect plan for us and for our future child (children) unfolds =-) Thanks to all of you who have been supporting, encouraging, and praying for us along the way!

If our adoption plans are news to you and you’d like to know more about how we got here, please feel free to read some of our story HERE!