Many of you have asked how life is going with our sweet puppy, Millie.  You guys, WHAT WAS I THINKING when I allowed this creature to invade our peaceful and happy life?  Here are some highlights from Millie's 4 months with us:

1) She came to us with a broken leg, which meant she was in a cast for her first 10 days with us.  This made EVERYTHING more challenging, including potty training, crate training, and life in general.

2) She LOVES the snow and good luck keeping her out of it.  She may decide she's done playing in it and may ask to come in and get cleaned up.  But, you better believe the minute you're done fixing her up, she will be ready to hit the snow again... hard!  This 26 times per day.  Girl can accumulate some serious snow balls on her shaggy fur! 

3) Turns out she is going to be quite a bit larger than we were expecting.  This means she has outgrown EVERYTHING we have purchased.  This includes 3 crates, many beds, and ALL THE THINGS we have purchased.

4) Millie is such an over-achiever that she went right ahead and went into heat a week before we had her scheduled to be spayed.  This might be the funnest of all the things.  She now gets to wear diapers, which we must take off every time she goes outside and then put back on every time she comes back inside.  Have I mentioned how often she goes outside??  She is now on day 18 of this blessedness and, lucky for us, she has figured out how to take her diaper off.  Yay. 

5) Lastly, Millie graduated from Puppy Training (even though she did not do any of the tricks she was asked to do on graduation day!).  She looks so calm in her graduation picture - but it's a LIE!  She was not having it with that hat, and somehow we still managed to capture a decent picture of her.  Because this is what we do as dog owners - we take pictures of our dogs with hats on even though they don't deserve to be wearing the hat.

It's a good thing she's as cute as she is.  If it weren't for my total fear of being judged by everyone around me, I'm sure we would have given her back by now.  I'm told it gets easier.  Super curious when that will be!!  

Written by Becka Marston

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