Getting preapproved for a home mortgage should be the FIRST STEP when buying a home in Southeast Boise.

All too often I meet home buyers who are eager to start the process of buying a home in Southeast Boise by running out and viewing homes before they have taken the most important first step: solidifying how they will finance the purchase once they find that perfect home. This misstep can be detrimental to your Boise home search and can quickly turn what should be a fun experience into a discouraging one. Here are reasons why getting mortgage loan preapproval from a good lender BEFORE moving forward in the process of buying a home in Southeast Boise is so important:

  • Actively searching for homes when buying a home in Southeast Boise requires a good deal of your valuable time, energy, and consideration. If you don’t want to waste that, make sure your financing is secured so you can be confident that when you find “the house” you will have the means to purchase it. It’s better to know before you go!

  • If you find the “the house” at a great price, chances are you may not be the only one looking at it. If the Get preapproved for a loan FIRST!seller gets multiple offers (which happens frequently in today’s hot Southeast Boise real estate market when there is a good home at a good price), the seller will most likely choose an offer from a buyer who can show proof of secured financing. Having loan preapproval makes you more marketable when buying a home in Southeast Boise.

  • If you end up deciding on a Southeast Boise home that is listed as a foreclosure or short sale, the bank requires a loan preapproval letter to accompany the offer. If you don’t have one ready, you will likely miss out on these properties.

  • It can take several days to secure a preapproval letter from a lender. Trying to scramble to get this done after the fact can be very stressful and may end up costing you the Southeast Boise home of your dreams.

  • Having preapproval upfront gives you peace of mind. You know when you begin the process of buying a home in Southeast Boise how much you qualify for, what your interest rate will be, what your payments will be, how much you need to have saved for your down payment, and what price of home would fit into your monthly budget.

Make your experience of buying a home in Southeast Boise the best that it can be by starting the process off right and getting preapproved FIRST! You will definitely be glad you did.