A newer tradition for us is to spend time thinking of one word we would use to describe the past year and one word we would like to characterize the coming year.  Last year, the word I wanted to describe 2022 was “prayer.”  I definitely spent more time in focused prayer over the year and grew in my relationship with the Lord through it.  Most notably, I found it was key to experiencing my closing word for the year, which was “rest.”  2022 was by no means a naturally restful year, but as I shared in a previous blog post and in our Christmas letter, it was through prayer and God’s word that I gained a deeper understanding of how to find rest in the Lord amidst the calm or the storm of my circumstances.  

I was amazed at how He showed up, carried my burdens, showered me with grace, and grounded me in the truths of His word no matter how chaotic or difficult things were around me.  In my deep desire to experience more of that, the word I’ve chosen to hopefully characterize 2023 is “awe.”  I want to learn more about God this year and become more in awe of who He is.  I want to continue to stand in amazement as I witness Him answer the cries of my heart in ways I asked and also in ways I didn’t even know how to ask or truly imagine.  I want to continue to wonder at the unbelievable truth that the God of the universe is mindful of me—that He cares for me, is attentive to my needs, is not burdened by me, gave Himself up for me, and loves me despite my many faults, failings, and frustrating habits.  Indeed, I want to experience in ever-increasing measures the nearness of my Savior—my strength and my song.  “This is my God, and I will praise him…Who is like you, O Lord, among the gods?  Who is like You, majestic in holiness, awesome in glorious deeds, doing wonders?  You have led in Your steadfast love the people whom You have redeemed” (Exodus 15: 11 & 13).  I hope to be able to come to you next year around this time with an even deeper grasp of this truth!  

If you have time to write, I would love to hear what word would characterize your 2022 and why as well as what word you are hoping to characterize your 2023.  It’s always a joy to hear from you!


By Katie Miller

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