If we were to write down all the adjectives we’d like to describe ourselves, I doubt “needy” would make many of our lists.  We don’t want to be needy.  We want to be helpful, productive, and self-sufficient.  We want to be needed by others, not to be needy of others.   Yet, the truth is, we all are incredibly needy beings.  In order to thrive or even survive, we depend on the necessary provisions of food, water, sleep, medicine, affection, and care—just to name a few.  Even our very next breath depends on the supply of oxygen, which we can’t create ourselves.  So, why are we so quick to dismiss this very true reality about who we are?

While reading through the book of Mark with our church, I was reminded of Jesus’ statement: “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”  I learned that “child” in this verse is referring to an infant—the youngest and most dependent of all children.  Thus, Christ is essentially saying that the way into His kingdom is by recognizing our neediness and utter dependence on Him.  It is not by our strength, productivity, goodness, or usefulness that He invites us in and gives us salvation, but rather it is solely by His gift of mercy and grace and our acceptance of that gift.  

Lord, help me to fully embrace my identity as a needy child, and You my good and loving Father—my sole provider.  Help me to rest and rejoice in the truth that I do not need to earn my place in Your kingdom—indeed, I CANNOT earn it.  I need only to come to You, recognizing how needy I really am, and to trust and rely on You as the Source of every provision, the Giver of mercy and grace, and the Savior of my soul!  Amen.

By Katie Miller

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