I am a comparer.  Although I try not to, I often measure myself against friends, associates, people I don’t even know, or, worst of all, against my own unachievable standards.  When I do this, I find myself wanting—wanting to be a better broker, mom, daughter, wife, friend, and neighbor—wanting to be more compassionate, selfless, giving, consistent, and useful.

In recent months, my biggest struggle with comparison has been in ministry.  I desire greatly to be utilized by God for His work and His glory, and I want to see Him use me in big ways.  But, sometimes when I look at my life, it seems the things I do are so insignificant.   They don’t measure up to the big things I see others doing. 

This month, the Lord has been teaching me otherwise.  He is showing me that every day, every minute, every task (no matter how big or how small in my mind) is an opportunity to glorify Him and be used by Him in just the way He wants me to be used.  I need only follow Him. 

In John 21:15-23, Jesus teaches this lesson to Peter.  In the passage, Jesus shares with Peter what He desires him to do and tells him what lies ahead. Like me, however, Peter starts looking around at others, wondering what Jesus has planned for them.  He asks, “What about John? 

What’s going to happen to him?  What will he do?” But, Jesus doesn’t want Peter to concern himself with John or anyone else for that matter.  Jesus replies, “Don’t worry about what John is doing. You follow me!” 

This interchange between Jesus and Peter is such a great reminder not to waste time comparing—looking from side to side worrying about what others are doing, how others are being utilized, or why I’m not being used in the big ways I’d like to be.  Jesus doesn’t want that. He just wants me to fix my gaze on Him and follow Him!  He says, “Katie, look at me and focus on the tasks I have placed in front of you today.  If you keep your eyes on me, I can use you in big ways, even in the tasks that appear seemingly insignificant to you.” He reminds me that His ways are not my ways (thank goodness); they are better!  They are not insignificant—they are purposeful. 

He has a great, unique, and important purpose for each of us in every day.  If you find yourself, like me, looking side to side, comparing your life to others, remember to “let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you; ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure” (Proverbs 4:25-26), for the path God has set before you is a good path, planned for His good purposes, and paved specifically for YOU!

By Katie Miller

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