It seems there are always funny stories to tell from my time out on the job.  This one is one of my favorites.  It involves a dear dear client who I've been working with for the greater part of the year.  He is just the best and the very most respectful, kind, and honoring person.  This probably helps make the story even funnier.  Let's call this client George for the sake of anonymity. 
I was checking out a house for different clients one day.  I walked through the house to get a good feel for it and then hopped on Marco Polo to do a video tour for my clients.  This is a very normal occurrence these days with so many out of state buyers wanting to buy here.  So I was recording myself giving a tour of the house.  Talking about all the goods and bads about the house.  Walking in and out of every room and focusing on details I thought were important for my clients to see and know about.  
I probably get a hundred texts a day and they don't stop when I am recording videos for clients.  So, it's not unusual to get lots of texts while I'm recording. But, I can usually just ignore them and continue on with the tour.  
I was live on video talking to my clients about this house when up pops a text from George: "Hey baby, I miss you and can't wait to be with you!"  Knowing immediately that this text was meant for his fiancee who was still back in California, I BURST out laughing and could not contain my composure on my video.  I had to explain to my clients why I completely lost it and try to carry on with my video tour.  Then, a few seconds later, pops up the follow up text from George: "Oh my gosh, Becka.  That text was meant for my fiancee.  I AM SO SO SORRY!"   
I cannot tell you how many times I have sent a text to the wrong person.  LOTS OF TIMES!  Thankfully, those texts are usually pretty innocent.  Poor George.  I can only imagine how he felt as soon as he realized that he sent that text to me!

Written by Becka Marston

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