About once a month I receive recruiting emails from different brokerages or real estate teams around the valley.  There is a similar marketing theme represented in many of them, one that has also been preached at several real estate classes I’ve attended.  This quote from a recent recruiting email encapsulates it well: “I’ve learned the purpose of business is to fund the perfect life.  Now I’m living life by design rather than by default."

Although this statement may seem fine, or even attractive to some, it disheartens me.  I am saddened that those who buy this philosophy believe they can create this “perfect life” by their own efforts.  Many will run themselves ragged by grappling, toiling, and pining for this their entire lives.  The truth is, we don’t have to wear ourselves out and climb over people to become who we were meant to be.  “It is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure” (Philippians 2:13).   And any good and perfect gift we receive is indeed not from ourselves, but “every good gift and every perfect gift is from above” (James 1:17a).  So my job is simply to follow His command to love Him and love others.  HE - not ME - will be the one to begin a good work in my life and bring it to completion.  This lifts the burden of having to strive for success off my soul and replaces it with the easy yoke of the Almighty God who loves me and literally has it all in His hands. 

The philosophy quoted by the recruiter above also saddens me because those who believe it believe the lie that a perfect life can be “funded."  Don’t they realize it’s just the old “you can buy happiness” garbage packaged in a new box?  How much better it is “to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share, thus storing up treasure as a good foundation for the future, so that we may take hold of that which is truly life.” (1 Timothy 6:18).  We need to get rid of the self-focused business model, which promotes the idea that the purpose of our work is to fund the perfect life for OURSELVES.  And instead remember how much more meaningful our jobs are when the primary focus is on using our gifts to serve others rather than promote our own selfish gain.  “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” (1 Peter 4:10).


Of course money is not intrinsically evil and it is a blessing that we are able to make money through our work to meet our physical needs as well as help others meet their needs.  But the purpose of our work should be first and foremost to glorify God, not to afford ourselves a glorified lifestyle.  For this reason, I pray that a new mantra would fill the hearts of those in my industry and in the business world in general…one that puts God back at the center and money as the secondary benefit of our work.  My best attempt to realign the recruitment quote above to reflect this would be: “I’ve learned that the purpose of business is to use my God given gifts to serve the people that are placed in my life.  And, that in surrendering my life to Jesus, I have the joy of witnessing His perfect design rather than my messy default.”


I have had the pleasure of working with others who share this philosophy, a few of which are part of the TripleCord team.  This week, I had the joy of adding one more and welcoming Kara Kasper as an agent at my office.  Kara (pictured below with her family) has been a real estate agent for three years and comes to us with great experience as well as great testimonials from her clientele.  She has a beautiful desire to serve people well and to use her business as a way of bringing joy and light to others rather than trying to create the perfect life for herself.  I can guarantee that working for TripleCord won’t “fund the perfect life” for her, but her relationship to Jesus and her reliance on His perfect love will be what brings her perfect joy.  Moreover, that perfect joy has and will continue to bubble over into the lives of those she works with.  And this exceeds anything we could “design” on our own.  This is the work of our Great Designer, who knows our story, cares about our plans, hopes, and dreams, and establishes our steps for His purposes.  This is the work of our Perfect Savior, who in giving of himself even to death set the example for us that to give is far better than to receive.  May we live for Him and trust the outcome is His perfect design!

By Katie Miller


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