Each fall, the agents and spouses of TripleCord get together for dinner in our home.  It is one of my favorite evenings of the year—dining, laughing, crying, learning, and growing together as we reflect on what God has been doing in each of our lives.  As we went around the table and shared some of our joys and struggles over these past 12 months, TRUST was a most definite common theme.  In Proverbs 3:5-6 the Bible tells us to, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

Learning to truly trust the Lord with our lives is a difficult journey—one that repeats regularly and at times can be more challenging than other times.  As people shared their experiences, we found ourselves in different stages of the “trust journey.” Some of us were in that space of “kind of” trusting, but not really trusting with “all” our hearts—expressing fears about financial need, job loss, job changes, sickness, family adjustments, friends in difficult circumstances, and role changes.  Those of us in this space confessed that although we know God has the power to take care of our fears, we still tend to lean on our own understanding of how those fears would best be relieved rather than trusting in God to relieve them in His most excellent ways.  Some of us expressed being in a space of truly trusting the Lord, and though maybe not yet seeing a straight path before us, being fully confident that God would make it so.  And, some of us, praise be to the Lord, found ourselves standing at the end of a difficult journey, looking back and rejoicing at God’s faithfulness to make our paths straight and carry us through.  

Personally, I found pieces of myself in all sections of the “trust journey.”  With the difficult trials of friends, I find my heart heavy and only “kind of” trusting how God is going to work it out.  With our adoption, by the grace of God, I am really trusting and am confident He has laid a good path before us no matter where it leads. And with my role change from agent to broker, I am looking back and rejoicing in how God took my plans, scrambled them up, and then laid before me a much more excellent way—proving again to me that He is more than worthy of my trust.  

We left our time together humbled by the fact that are stiff necked and forgetful people, who despite experiencing God’s unwavering faithfulness time and time again, will tend to distrust and doubt him. Simultaneously, we left encouraged that God does not leave us in a space of fear, anxiety, and doubt. Rather, He graciously and lovingly uses stories of His faithfulness in our own personal lives and the lives of others to affirm He is worthy to be trusted and to help us find our rest and direction in Him.  Where are you in your “trust journey” with Him today?  Could you use prayer or encouragement to trust Him more?  If so, let me know, as I would love to pray with you.   


TripleCord Agent Dinner

By Katie Miller

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