Turn Your Bedroom In To a Sleep Retreat

September 2016

Getting enough sleep is important for good health, physical and mental.  Does your bedroom have the essentials to promote a sound night's rest?  Here are six tips that might help upgrade this vital space in your home to a more conducive sleep retreat.

1)     The Bed: Set your bed away from the room's entrance to keep it out of the path of the main circulation flow.  If possible, orient it to face the best view...a fireplace, favorite piece of art, window, etc.  You can also make the bed more cozy by adding an upholstered headboard, extra pillows, and a welcoming throw.

2)     The Windows: Many find a dark room is best for deeper sleep. Consider installing blackout shades behind curtains or decorative window treatments. This can be especially helpful during the summer when there are longer daylight hours.   Also, make sure the windows operate well for opening to provide fresh air!  

3)    The Lighting:  Recessed can lights are not always the best option for bedrooms, as they can be harsher on the eyes when lying down.  Task lighting from a night table or wall mounted sconces produce softer light and may be a better choice.  The use of Good Night Biological LED bulbs might also help, as they claim to regulate the body's natural circadian rhythms controlling sleeping and waking.

4)     The Electronics:  Consider turning off the TV, smart phone, and iPad at least one hour before bed.  Not only does this eliminate the adverse affects from the light that emanates from electronics but it also trains your brain that your bedroom is a place for sleeping rather than staying awake.  If you can't fight the temptation, perhaps make your bedroom a no-electronics zone.  And, if your excuse is you need your phone for your alarm…go invest in an old fashioned alarm clock =-)

5)     The Color:  Choose a  color for your bedroom that soothes you.  Often this means skipping the bold, dark, bright, or intense colors and seeking a hue that is soft and calming.  Pale blues, green, beiges, grays and whites work well for this.  White bedding has also been shown to be a good “peace enhancer”.

6)     The Creature Comforts: If your room's size allows, a chair and ottoman or bed side tables can add to the functionality of the room as well as the cozy factor. Or, adding a large rug can help deaden noise.   Other amenities that add to the sense of tranquility are a fireplace, artwork you love, and good storage to reduce distracting clutter.  

Sweet Dreams!