Last month you heard my story about the random bed at a showing that may or may not have contained a dead or alive body in it. My client emailed me reminding me of a very similar situation we walked in on a few years ago during their final walk through. We arrived at the house and it seemed the seller had left so we could walk through. We started making our way through the main level, talking loudly and excitedly about their new house, when we walked into the living room to see a body-shaped form under a blanket on the couch. We looked at each other. Then at the body. Then at each other again. It seemed the form was breathing under the blanket. Should we poke it? Should we continue on with the walk through? We shrugged and continued on, turning lights on and talking normally along the way. The body didn't seem phased in any way and never came up for air. So we kept going. We ventured upstairs and took our time looking through the house. When we came back downstairs, we checked on the body one last time. It seemed it had not moved at all. After we left, I texted the listing agent to let her know about the body. She responded that she just found out the seller's teenage son had played hookie from school. He had no idea that the walk through was scheduled for that morning so when he heard us coming he "hid" under a blanket on the couch. BUSTED! That poor kid spent quite a while under that blanket while we walked through!

Written by Becka Marston

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