Last year I listed a beautiful house on a perfectly landscaped acre in Eagle.  My clients, dear friends of mine, worked so hard to prepare their house and get it just perfect for listing.  It was pristine! Every single thing in it’s perfect place.  Each perfectly coordinated throw pillow was fluffed just right.  When it came time for the listing to go live, they were ready! 

Living in your house and selling it can be difficult, as many of you know.  Having to live your life in a show-ready and staged home has many challenges.  But these sellers had it down!  Until they didn’t.  The night before we had some showings, their precious and precocious LARGE husky was out in the back yard when she got sprayed by a skunk.  In her panic, she came running inside, rolled around a bit, then darted upstairs to the daughter’s room.  Since it was after midnight, their daughter was unaware at first of what was going on.  The husky was panicked and started thrashing and rubbing herself all over the carpet.  When the little girl woke up and called to the dog, the dog JUMPED IN BED WITH SkunkedHER.  The little girl started yelling at the horrible smell.  Dad, having been woken from dead sleep, came running up the stairs wondering what the heck was going on, when he smelled the most horrible smell.  They dragged the dog outside, stripped the bed, and with showings the next day, started doing what they could to alleviate the horrible skunk smell from the house.  When they called me in the morning to tell me what happened, we laughed--A LOT. 

I love this story because we can work so hard to make things just perfect.  We can check all the boxes, fluff all the pillows, put the right light bulbs in, and touch up all the paint.  But you just never know when the dog is going to rub all her skunk goodness all over the house the night before a showing!  

Written by Becka Marston

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