A couple of years ago I was working with a delightful couple relocating to the Boise area from Oregon.  They were looking for acreage outside of town, which took us to some more remote (and sometimes unusual) properties.  One day, we went to look at a large home on a few acres out in rural Nampa.  The agent notes said, "In the basement there is a bookcase that swings open to reveal a tunnel that goes to a underground kid size room in the backyard west of the deck. A feature I've never seen before that grandkids would love.”  We were definitely intrigued. 

As we entered the house, we could already tell that it was pretty unique.  It looked like the home had been added on to many times.  A room here.  A loft there.  A hall here.  A giant multipurpose room up there.  It was a super strange layout with a lot of DIY touches.  None the less, we looked at everything there was to see, trying to imagine the stories and experiences that filled the house. When we had seen the whole main house, we decided to venture down to the basement to check out this cool kids’ room.  We went down and the basement was super creepy - dark, empty, cold, and large.  We wound our way through each room until we finally found a room with a bookcase in the wall.  I was super creeped out at this point - we are in a huge house, on a large property out in the middle of nowhere.  Was this all a trick to trap us and murder us.  I was convinced at this point it was.  It was a perfect plan - no one would find us for days.

The TunnelSince I was so creeped out, like any good Realtor would do, I had my client pull open the bookcase.  He slowly swung it open and inside was a hand-dug, super long dirt TUNNEL.  It honestly looked like someone had been trapped underground for decades there and, out of total desperation, started digging his way through the earth toward salvation.  At this point, everything in me is screaming “RUN! RUN!”  But being the cool and collected person that I am, I didn’t.  We took out our phone flashlights and slowly and cautiously poked our heads into the tunnel to see where it led.  Basically, it led to death.  The narrow tunnel was so tiny and went so far that we could not see where it ended.  And there was no way any of us were willing to go find out.  The underground kid size room, out under the surface of this large property somewhere, dark and wet and cold, would remain a mystery for us.  Only to be realized later that night in our nightmares.  We high tailed it out of there and my clients decided to pass on this house. 


Written by Becka Marston

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