I specialize in Southeast Boise real estate, because I love living in Southeast Boise!I love Southeast Boise

Since moving here in 2001, I have fallen in love with living in Southeast Boise.  It is because of this love for the area that I so enjoy helping people buy and sell Southeast Boise real estate.  When I think about how much I enjoy living in Southeast Boise, I find myself wondering if everyone feels the same way about the places that they live.  Perhaps most people are fond of coming home to their area of residence because it appeals to their passions, hobbies, joys, preferences, and lifestyles.   There are many Boise areas that have a great deal to offer potential buyers.  I know because I have friends and family members all over the city that have fallen in love with the places they call home.   Today,  however, I want to focus on my stomping ground and give you some insight into why you might enjoy living in Southeast Boise.

What makes me fond of living in Southeast Boise?

There are many things that I could share about why I love living in Southeast Boise, not the least of which include the great quality of the schools, low crime rate, clean environment, and low density residential areas.  Area statistics such as these scan easily be located.  So, instead of giving you information you can find elsewhere, I want to paint a picture of the joys of living in Southeast Boise through the lens of a scene that surrounds me daily as  I return home after a busy day of showing properties around the Treasure Valley, running errands downtown, or coming home from being away on vacation.  Whenever I drive into Southeast Boise, a sense of peace comes over me.  As I head east on Parkcenter toward home, I take in the beautiful view of the Boise foothills with the Boise river nestled just below them.  I lift my eyes to Tablerock and gaze upon the cross, a symbol of my faith and a reminder of God’s amazing love for me. I see people running along the Greenbelt, kids riding bikes, couples walking hand in hand.  I pass by Red Robin, where a group of BSU students are playing sand volleyball and a young man and his father are waiting patiently for a fish to bite in Parkcenter pond. I pass by Baggley Park where highschoolers are playing ultimate frisbee and children are sliding and swinging on the playground, with their parents visiting on park benches nearby.  Finally, in my last little stretch before home, I turn to drive through Bown Crossing. I drive slowly to see if I recognize anyone eating out on the bustling patios of any of Bown’s fine restaurants (The Boise Fry Company, The Tavern, Bier Thirty, Locavore, and Flatbread Pizza).  If my kids are with me, they usually point out Powell’s Candy Shop and ask if we might take a walk down for gelato sometime soon.  And, finally, as I round the last corner to home, I am reminded of how amazingly blessed I am to be living in Southeast Boise.

If you are interested in getting more information about living in Southeast Boise or some of the other nearby Boise areas, please feel free to call me at 208-861-5639 or send me an email.  I would love to help you and your family get the information you need to find the right place to call home!

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