Boise Named One of the Top US Housing Markets

January 2016


Zillow has identified the top ten hottest US housing markets for 2016.  Surprisingly, it is not the coasts or one industry tech towns any longer.  Due to economic conditions, the markets that made the list have struck a balance between strong economic growth, low unemployment, and solid home value appreciation.  The list looks like this:


#10 -  Portland, Oregon

#9 -    Sacramento, California

#8 -    Omaha, Nebraska

#7 -    Salt Lake City, Utah

#6 -    Ogden, Utah

#5 -    BOISE comes in at #5 with a solid forecasted home value appreciation of 4.7%, Income Growth of 1%, and Unemployment Rate of 3.3%

#4 -    Richmond, Virginia

#3 -    Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

#2 -    Seattle, Washington

#1 -    Denver, Colorado



We are proud that our town is included here!  Just another reason to love living in Boise.