Jan. 1, 2019

The Future of Harris Ranch

Harris Ranch, located east of downtown Boise, has expanded quite a bit in recent years.  It serves as the primary place to find new construction in Southeast Boise and is a popular place to build. Due to the expansive growth of high density housing in the area, many people ...

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Oct. 24, 2016

History of Julia Davis Park

In 1862, Thomas Jefferson Davis and his brother Frank left their home in Cincinnati, Ohio to pursue their dream of striking it rich in the Idaho Territory gold rush.  They mined a less than profitable claim in the area for a year before building a cabin on the site ...

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Oct. 21, 2016

Boise Named One of the Top US Housing Markets

Boise Named One of the Top US Housing Markets

January 2016


Zillow has identified the top ten hottest US housing markets for 2016.  Surprisingly, it is not the coasts or one industry tech towns any longer.  Due to economic conditions, the markets that made the list have struck a ...

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Posted in Boise
Oct. 5, 2012

Decreasing shadow inventory is good for sellers!

Decreasing shadow inventory means less competition for those thinking of selling a home in today's Boise real estate market!Shadow Inventory Boise Real Estate Market

Recent reports are showing that the amount of shadow inventory nationwide is decreasing, which is good news to those thinking of selling a home in Boise.  Less shadow inventory leads to ...

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Sept. 26, 2012

Raising a family? Forbes study gives good reason for buying a home in Southeast Boise.

If you are raising a family, a recent Forbes study may cause you to consider buying a home in Southeast Boise!

Forbes Magazine recently released an article ranking Boise, Idaho as the 2nd best metro city in the nation for raising a family. When stacked against 100 of the largest ...

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July 31, 2012

Boise housing market shows big signs of improvement

According to the report below by KTVB, the Boise housing market is showing big signs of improvement.


I thought this piece by KTVB on the Boise housing market presented exciting news for our local economy. I continue to be amazed by the heightened activity I am seeing in the ...

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July 25, 2012

Interest rates drop to 3.53%! Is it time to consider buying a home in Boise?

Low interest rates make Boise homes more affordableLower interest rates makes buying a home in Boise more affordable!

Buying a home in Boise is now more affordable then ever. According to THIS ARTICLE by Scott Reckard in The Los Angeles Times, the average interest rate reported by Freddie Mac on a 30-year mortgage dropped to 3.53 ...

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