If you are raising a family, a recent Forbes study may cause you to consider buying a home in Southeast Boise!

Forbes Magazine recently released an article ranking Boise, Idaho as the 2nd best metro city in the nation for raising a family. When stacked against 100 of the largest metro areas, Boise ranked number 1 for education, number 5 for crime, and 34 for affordability.  Good education and low crime rates throughout the Boise area, make buying a home in Southeast Boise an attractive option for families with school age children and other buyers as well.

Raising a family in Southeast BoiseBuying a home in Southeast Boise was right for our family.

I was not surprised by Boise's high ranking as a good metro area to raise a family. Since moving to Southeast Boise in 2001, I have felt safe in our community.  Also, with my husband, Luke, being a former teacher in the Boise School District, I have held our schools in high regard.  When Luke and I were deciding where to raise our family,we couldn't help but fall in love with the idea buying a home in Southeast Boise.  With a relatively higher median income and lower cost of living than other metro areas, Boise made financial sense.  Moreover, as we began having children and considering their safety and education, our satisfaction with buying a home in Southeast Boise was further confirmed.

Considering buying a home in Southeast Boise or another Boise area?

If you're considering buying a home in Southeast Boise or the Boise area in general, contact me at 208-861-5639 or send me an email.  I'd love to provide you with more information on the area, including other sources you can check to confirm what area of Boise is right for you!